Many documents of interest to the grape and wine community can be obtained directly from Vine & Wine. Others are dispersed far and wide throughout the world and are available on the Web. We will list documents of both types here, and we solicit your input. If you know of an interesting publication that is not listed here, please contact us so that we may consider listing it. This page itself will be a living document for some time.

"Economic and Consumer Issues Impacting New Mexico Wine and Grape Growing Industries", 1999
New Mexico Vineyard Growers' Survey: Results and Implications", 2005
These reports may be requested for the cost of copying and mailing. Contact Carl Popp, 575-835-0263,

These publications are available on the Web...

Colorado Grape Growers' Guide - Published by CSU Cooperative Extension
Making Table Wine at Home - Available in hardcopy and digital formats
Texas grape publications - Provided by Texas Cooperative Extension at Texas A&M
The Home Winemakers Manual - A how-to site by Lum Eisenman
Advanced Winemaking - A how to manual by Henry Street
The History of Wine in NM - 400 Years of Struggle by Henry Street
The Origin of Viticulture & Wine Production in the New World by Henry Street

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