Tree Assistance Program

Notice to all New Mexico Vineyard owners!!

Looks Like we are all hurt pretty bad this year!  So I did a little investigating for some help.

Mr Andrew Ortiz the Program Specialist 505-761-4912 just sent this update. And yes we do qualify!

Each individual Vineyard owner needs to apply with there local USDA Farm Service Agency’s (FSA) for this program. They will assist you with the forms needed. See web site . See steps below. The main form to fill out is the FSA-899

We are eligible for (TAP) provides financial assistance to qualifying Vineyard growers to replant or rehabilitate eligible vines damaged by natural disasters occurring Oct. 1, 2011. TAP was authorized by the 2008 Farm Bill and is funded through the Agricultural Disaster Relief Trust Fund.

• suffer qualifying tree, bush or vine losses in excess of 15 percent (adjusted for normal mortality) from an eligible natural disaster for the individual stand

Payment Calculation:
For vine replacement including replanting and the cost of seedlings, the payment calculation is the lesser of the following:
    • 70 percent of the actual cost of the practice, or the amount calculated for each practice using the established rates.

For salvaging existing trees, bushes or vines—including the costs of pruning, removal, or other costs—the payment calculation is the lesser of the following:
    • 50 percent of the actual cost of the practice, or the amount calculated for each practice using the established rates.

Applying for Tree Assistance Program (TAP) Payments The steps for a producer to obtain a TAP payment are as follows:

Step 1

 File an application (FSA-899) at the FSA administrative county office that maintains the producer’s farm records for the agricultural operation, within the time period(s) specified above. A complete application includes the following:
    - Risk Management Purchase Requirement (RMPR) has been met on all crops on the farm
    - completed application form (FSA-899)
    - acreage report for the farming operation
    - a written estimate of the number of vines lost or damaged that is certified by the producer or a qualified expert, including the number of acres on which the loss occurred; and sufficient evidence of the loss to allow the county FSA committee to calculate whether an eligible loss occurred.

Step 2

FSA staff will make a field visit and validate which practices are appropriate to address the losses. After verification, FSA will inform the producer of the approved eligible practices and estimated payment. Additional information may be requested to assist FSA representative in making its determination.

Step 3

Producer must complete the approved practices within 12 months of FSA approval. Payments will be made after the practices are completed on the stand. Producers that suffer multiple losses during the calendar year may file multiple applications for payment.

Note please send a list of losses to Bernd Maier at  to help assist him in doing his ongoing assessment.